„The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” — Albert Einstein

Human beings are naturally inclined to stick to their routines. However, as pointed out by Albert Einstein, the world will not change without us changing our thinking. Therefore, in order to guarantee sustainability in society, economy and the environment we must rethink processes in all areas, whether this is technology, education or design. Let’s RETHINK at the TEDxMCInnsbruck on June 15th, 2019.



Martin Kaswurm

Spiking the punch:  Taking Sports to New Heights

Gaining traction as a winter Olympic contender, snow volleyball stands to make volleyball the first sport in the history of the Olympic movement to be present in both summer and winter. Through the example of snow volleyball, walk through how new ideas are cultivated and the power that comes with challenging the status quo. This talk rethinks whats possible in the world of sport.

Biography The Austrian entrepreneur Martin Kaswurm has travelled the world exploring new possibilities and bringing them back to his native Austria. From Harvard Business School in the US to the FIFA Masters program in Europe, Martin‘s passion for sport has fueled his desire to analyze it from all angles, rethinking what‘s possible. 10 years ago, at the age of 23, Martin founded his sports marketing agency Chaka2 that today counts esteemed brands like Red Bull, Audi and adidas as clients. Besides his busy schedule as an entrepreneur, Martin is a sport marketing lecturer at the university his hometown Salzburg and he also serves as the current president of the FIFA Master Alumni association. He became well know for inventing, professionalizing and developing the sport snow volleyball.

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Stan Ford

The Music Effect

Music study and appreciation affords one the opportunity and privilege of discovering how it plays an important role in the intellectual development of personalities, particularly if applied at an early stage. Explore through music tutorship how it can be effectively adapted to essential disciplines in our daily lives.

Biography The American-Austrian pianist, Stan Ford is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. He attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville where he majored in piano performance, chamber music, pedagogy, and music education and graduated with highest distinction in 1982 under the tutelage of Ruth Slenczynska. A two year Fulbright scholarship afforded Mr. Ford further study under Hans Leygraf, Alfons Kontarsky and Christoph Lieske at the "UniversitätMozarteum Salzburg" in Salzburg, Austria. Upon completion of his studies in 1986, Ford accepted a professorship on the piano faculty at the Mozarteum where he continues to teach to this date. As a recitalist, Mr. Ford sets great store by presenting well-conceived, challenging programs, for which he also does in-depth music history research. In addition to regularly being invited to conduct international master classes, Dr. Ford balances a very busy teaching schedule with solo and chamber music concerts throughout Europe, North and South America and parts of Asia. He has also become well known through numerous public TV appearances, radio broadcasts and publications as well as performing at famous culture and music festivals including the Bregenz and Salzburg Festivals.


Luminita Florea

3 Major Reasons Why Love Sucks

Be ready, this talk will confuse you, because it never was an easy topic. It's about love, hate and hating love. This talk will show you, how we find an explanation for every bad experience and why even the most terrible feelings can lead to a bright outcome. This speech has at its core the concept that has already been discussed a million times, but never ever before love was presented to you completely naked with all its perfect imperfections.

Biography Exploring the world, independency and mainly herself Luminita Florea moved from Moldova to Austria when she was barely 18 years old. There were many challenges to be faced: learning a foreign language in no time, getting to know how a kitchen functions and how to use the washing machine, but also to build a network facing infidelity, lies and disappointments. It was a long journey of self losing and self discovering that brought her to the doorsteps of the MCI. After Luminita dealt with a huge heartbreak,  being accepted to a prestigious university at 2 faculties simultaneously gave her wings. Ever since then, she is constantly working on improving herself by bravely studying Business & Management BA, learning (this time voluntarily) new languages, challenging herself by participating in diverse projects and just by making every single day a unique experience.

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Stephan Dreiseitl

Math and the art of describing randomness

Humans brains are pattern recognition machines. Our brains, however, are not so good at dealing with randomness; we humans prefer causal explanations of observed phenomena instead. This talk explores patterns in randomness, and how recognizing these patterns can help us better deal with an uncertain world.

Biography Stephan Dreiseitl received a Commodore 64 as a teenager in the 1980s. Ever since then, he has been fascinated by computers; an early infatuation with computer games gave way to a more mature interest in mathematics and artificial intelligence. After receiving a PhD and doing a postdoc in biomedical informatics, he is now a professor at the Hagenberg campus of the FH Upper Austria. He loves teaching mathematics and statistics as the tools for structured and abstract thinking, skills he considers essential for a wide variety of computer-related activities. On the research side, he is interested in machine learning and its application in decision support tools.

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